Kalabox 2.1.2: A Quick Adventure

This post is more for the Fox Valley Computing Professionals crew that may find this link via the #mug. If you found this helpful, glad I could help. If you have any insights on making what I have better, please let me know.

To Start:

I had a hacked WordPress site on a clients server with only production. No dev site to clean and do updates.

I recently updated Kalabox to 2.1.2, but had not run it.

Using FTP I was able to bring down the site and push up adminer so as to get into the database to create an SQL export. (no cpanel, or other access to the site was allowed)

Once the site was brought down I fired up Kalabox.


OK, this is my fault. I did not have the latest Mac Yosemite, so download the combo installer and update laptop.

Now we are ready

Nope. From the command line mysql is not found. Hmmm… kbox mysql? nope. kbox ssh? nope. I don’t really do much kalabox from the command line. To be honest I have only done a couple of WP sites using the Kalabox, so in no way am I a pro at it. That being said, could not find the db anywhere.


OK, Kalabox Connection Info.screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-53-24-am

Let’s fire up the Sequel Pro


And there you go!

Should I have been able to do this from the command line? I would think so, but if you are stuck, fire up that SQL tool and connect with the info provide by Kalabox


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