never an Always

If you are in the Drupal world you will have seen the critical updates to several modules. One of these is in our install profile. This isn’t a matter of turning off the module either. Update, or remove.

It doesn’t take me long to clean the module out of the repo and push it up, but with well over 50 sites to maintain, I don’t have a lot of time to play. Luckily the other 50 or so sites are on multisite machines, so that’s just one code base to play with. But let’s get back to brass tacks here:

I have multiple people that commit to these sites, some in house and others the clients themselves. With all this noise, one voice always rings true: Master Can Always Be Pushed to Production.

I hear what you are saying: “Of course it can, silly!”

With that I will say: Sometimes, every now and then, when things just don’t work they way they are supposed to, when the needs of the client out-weigh the needs of community, a kitten can be killed. And if core can be hacked, then can master be not-production-ready? You betcha’.

Yes, Dorothy, it is a scary world.

So when you hear someone say that master can Always be pushed up, remember that there is never an Always.


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