Heckle the Jekyll

I love / love / love the idea of static pages over CMS driven systems for small sites. (Even front pages of large sites, but that is another discussion!) That being said I have been bitten by the Jekyll bug, and I’m finding it a rather annoying itch.

Another idea I love is speed. Give me a fast website and I’ll be happy. Hence the love for static sites over CMS, and all that overhead.

Back to Jekyll: For a test site I setup CloudIntel. It’s a simple site used to promote the sale of the domain (and it’s sister .net domain) and is scoring a 90 on Google’s Speed Insight. Of course that shouldn’t be that hard since it is such a simple site.

The site is hosted on Github and it’s working fine, so I guess I must change something. Let’s change everything.

Gitlab has me intrigued. Mainly the Free Private Repos. Sure, github is getting my $7/month, and I have a page, but according to the fine print regs, I can only have one page. With Gitlab I can push out small sites with glee.

Well, maybe not glee. More on that in a minute.


On a random research for speeding up a WordPress site I came across Impatient Jekyll.

Blazing fast rendering Strongly optimized so that you start with high score on Google Page Speed Insights, and an excellent SpeedIndex on webpagetest.org

Another Change

So everything seems fine.  An optimized Jekyll, a new hosting. Let’s pile on.

Add: Gulp

And now it’s broken. I think it is a gulp deploy as the hook is for github, not gitlab. Using git I can push up the site, and it all goes up, save the css. This is a common issue and has been driving me up the wall.

Looks like I’ve got some fun planned for the weekend.




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