WP Plugins

I was asked to do a review for a plugin and it got me thinking. Nearly every week I have a WordPress site cross my desk, usually with a security issue, and in turn I install the same plugins. I thought it would be interesting to share the couple that I use, and see if there are any favorites out there from you that you would like to share.

  1. ShortPixel
  2. Sucuri (some sites)
  3. W3 Total Cache
  4. Simple 301 Redirects & Bulk Uploader
  5. WP Database Backup (or if I can’t install a plugin)
  6. Adminer (Not a plugin)

You’ll note that Sucuri does not get put on all sites, and Adminer is not a plugin, and if is put on the site, is only temporary.

The big ones for me are ShortPixel, which is an image compressor, the W3 Total Cache and both of the 301 Redirects. These plugins help with page speed and working with the SEO team.

The Database Backup/Adminer options are there for db access. Before I do any work on a site a snapshot is taken of the db. Adminer is a stand alone PHP script for accessing MySQL databases. Yes, there are times when I only have ftp access, no plugin or otherwise access to work in the site. I can hear you “But Eric, if you have FTP can’t you ….?” You’d be surprised, just like I was when I would ftp a plugin only to have it deleted by the security software on the server. Sometimes this job is a challenge 🙂

But enough of my rambling. I’m sure I’m missing some, that I’ll add later.

What are your goto plugins?




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