A Startup Idea Problem

Let me start by saying I have a Startup Idea. Actually, I have many Start Up Ideas, which leads to a problem: which one do I build?

This leads to another problem. I don’t really want to build them. I like the idea’s, and would like to use the end products…but the time to build the thing, well, I have a lot on my plate and don’t really want to spend less time from family.

I have thought about building MVP’s on each of the ideas. Lay down the foundation from which empires are built. But I don’t like empires. I’m more the “Get off my lawn” than “Let’s party”.

I had the thought of selling the ideas, but I can’t even sell a domain name. Hell, www.cloudintel.com is prime and the most I was offered was $200.

Then I had an idea, one that is both brilliant and stupid. What if I give them away? I’ll build a site that over set increments of time (weekly/monthly) a new idea is presented detailing the idea, thoughts on its construction and income channels.

Genius! Of course, as with any venture, it must be cleared by the CEO (my wife).

So, if you feel this is a great idea, leave a comment I can use as part of my presentation to make is so. If it is a bad idea, just tell me I’m daft.



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