500 Page Views < 24 hours

Not a lot, in the big scheme of things, but the previous post in the blog had 12, for almost a month. Pretty nice uptick. But how? Let’s break the magic down.

Who: The Missing Dwarven Phaser is a blog for the Write Time writers group in Geneva, IL. With a handful of members in the sleepy western suburb of Chicago, the blog is curated by the members as a creative outlet.

When: Two nights ago I formulate a blog post, rough it out in stackedit.io grab some images from unsplash.

What: As a fiction writer I know well the self-destructive force of ones internal voice, the negative, continually running commentary that feeds off insecurity and fear. In starting a new fiction that is outside my normal boundaries I have an idea for an app/website. Specifically a writer would upload the first chapter of a 1st or 2nd draft and readers would provide either good or bad stars to let the know the writer is on the right track. It may not be a good idea, but it’s an idea worth exploring.

Why: I’m a writer looking for an audience. I am a podcaster at the Typehammer podcast, looking for an audience. The post was created to generate the flow of ideas and hopefully build an audience.

How: Rubber, meet Road. I start with the title, Lean Startup Principle For Your Writing. I have chosen these words with a specific audience in mind. Lean Startup is a process in which a company can be built. It has a cult like following and is big in the young, entrepreneurial tech people. With this target audience I go to where these folks hang out: Hacker News, and Twitter. My Twitter hashtags were: 

Results: Right off the bat the numbers started jumping. I only had a couple of upvotes in HN, but the traffic was there. That’s when I realized my first mistake.

Mistake: At the bottom of the post there is a footer,

Eric is one of the Podcasters at @typehammer and you can follow his writing adventure on twitter@elmwriting

This was not on the original blog post. I added it after a second thought after several hundred page views. I was not prepared for the speed at which this post was favorited and retweeted on Twitter. Had I given it more thought I would have added a better CTA on the page, are pushed it out more through other channels.

Lesson Learned: I have several new followers on Twitter, startup people along with professional fiction writers, which for me is a huge win. I also need to work on my Calls to Action. But I’ll save that for another post 🙂



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