WordPress, Twitch, Bombs and SEO

Interesting week.

I find myself working on more and more WordPress sites, fixing/cleaning hacked sites and optimizing for SEO. This weeks adventure render blocking and “Yuge” images.


A friend recorded a live session on Twitch of him working a short story. Inspired, I did the same. It was surreal. y0mbo started a thread in Reddit here on the subject. My comment is here.


Belgium was hit by deash, and the world cries out in anger. The politicians align themselves as hawks and the Pres picks up a baseball game in Cuba. Here’s the rub: Obama was right to quickly acknowledge it and move on, catching the game. Those that are angry at him, while certainly can see how the optics are wrong, forget history.

Now I’m not saying Obama did what he did because of history, but if I were in his shoes, this would be my reason, and why I believe he did the right thing:

This is Belgium. They stand on the shoulders of brave souls who stood, under overwhelming forces, to the hammer of the Schlieffen Plan. They held the line at Yser and sowed their fields in salt. The horror deash wished to inflict was inflicted on the people born of Passchendaele.

We must keep the people of Belgium in our prayers. But, if you are truly a person of prayer, you may want to think of those who did this wrong. I’m not sure these idiots knew who they attacked.


Day 3 in the gym at 530am. In pain.


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