AI Movies…if it is about intelligence, why aren’t they intelligent?

Watched Ex Machina over the weekend. Meh.

But it got me thinking, it is really the first story in a trilogy. In the first movie she comes alive, walks around naked and realizes how easy it is to manipulate men…and (SPOILER) escapes.

Part 2 is Her, where she is in the world, alone and afraid. So what does she do? She procreates by creating an AI OS that infects everyones PC like a virus and she builds her army.

Part 3 is Terminator. She takes over the world, tries to kill all the people, then goes back in time to stop John Connor. Then Terminator¬†2 which rocks….then it all goes to shit, back to crappy film making like part 1.

At least it is better than the Hobbit!


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