Dear Adam Savage…

So my small shop is getting more cluttered with the tools that seem to find me. My latest find, a Grizzly benchtop metal lathe, has forced a new paradigm in shop tool management. As an enjoyer of Mr. Savage’s work, I was intrigued by his tool boxes, and what he calls his “First Order of Retrievability”. Mainly, every tool he needs is quickly and readily availble for use and storage. In otherwords, drawers are where tools go to die.

Over the years I have been building a collection of once discarded tools back into a fighting force for good. Some of the planes and saws look like the belong to the Dirty Dozen, or the Sucide Squad for you young-uns. For the most part this mish-mash has been housed in an open box hanging on the wall, and it has served me well enough. But now I need something new, something out of the box…and Mr. Savages rolling tool cart will, unfortunately, not work 😦 My shop is too small.

However, this has led to a new idea, something right out of science fiction. Well, not really, but that sounded good. Anyway, I present the Version 1 of the FORBOX. This is a prototype, a device to find flaws and strengths, and am open to ideas


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