June 2 – 2015

Well, crap.

The disease is striking again, and the cure still eludes me.

I call it toolitis, the compulsion to purchase a specific tool. Lathe, bandsaw, chisel…If I ever won the lottery, I’d be screwed.

Now, let’s be honest. Sometimes the purchase is qualified, such as the table saw that has some modern safety features. I like my fingers! And some old hand planes I can re-build and use.

But then there is the tool I do want. Really, really want. Bandsaw sawmill. It’ll cost me $5,000.

enter image description here

I’ll need a old pickup, another $5,000, and a plot of land to run the saw mill on.

enter image description here

Maybe a couple hundred a month in rent from a farmer. Maybe. So, $15,000 and I can drive around getting felled walnut and oak trees to slice up for lumber, then let dry for a year, then sell. Maybe.

Do you see the beauty in this? Can I not be faulted for this affliction?

enter image description here

Do I really need one? No. Do I really want one? Yes. Will my wife leave me if I get one without clearing it with her first? Yes. But it still nags me, deep inside, this notion of extracting beautiful, natural edge boards from fallen trees.

Wait, what’s this?

enter image description here

Can it be the Japanese have an answer to my predicment? It looks unwieldly, crazy difficult, and, most importantly, a really cool looking tool!

enter image description here

I now need a maebiki-oga, and I am finding them on Ebay and other sites for sale. The affliction is strong and the siren call of the tool is pulling me in. Of course the lazy part of me is looking at this tool and realizing how much work it will really be…but that gets sufficiently silenced by the swansong of owning a tool most have never even seen.

enter image description here


2 thoughts on “June 2 – 2015

    • michalsen says:

      Gabe…my neighbors will have a field day watching me weild that thing. It’ll wind up on youtube “Check out this fat goof!”

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