May 28 – 2015

I am the proud owner of a small site that is getting a Bounce Rate of 75%. Spikes in traffic are driving it up to 50 unique pageviews (wow.), meaning all these new people are finding my site…then immediatly leaving. This does two things:

  • Tells me something is sending traffic that is not appropriate to my content.
  • Tells Google not to rank me for this content as nobody seems to like it.

enter image description here

The site currenlty has 3 short fiction stories, the shortest 480 words, and I know for a fact it takes longer than 57 seconds to navigate to the story and read it.

enter image description here

I also know this is new traffic, so all these new people are showing up, seeing the site, then immediately leaving.

enter image description here

Where does this traffic come from? Well, the only advertisements to the URL are from my twitter account (@elmwriting) and our podcast (@typehammer)

The site is hosted at and the images are from These are the two places I must begin to affect change.

  • I need a hook line for each story, not the default first line of the story.
  • I need use a more enticing image
  • I need to convert visitors with a Call To Action

Sounds like a good plan, but I need to be careful about my expectations. What can I actually change?

  • I’m not sure I can use a hook line. This may be default code setup with If I can’t change this, I may need to put a hook line in the story image itself.
  • What is a more enticing image? Sex? What is the gender of my visitors? Will I offend? All these questions….
  • I have the twitter handle on the front page, but it is not linkable. I would love to have a share block for social media, but I am not sure will allow this.

The quest here is, quite simply, is the right medium for the message, or is my message that off?


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