May 27 – 2015

Warning: This post contains Humblebrag Trigger Warning. If you are offended by humblebrags, and wish to seek shelter from such blatant self-aggrandizing, you may find safety in any of the Trigger Warning Safety Zones setup by those who are more sensative than I.

Or, you could just hit the back button.

I can not tell a lie; I chopped down a cherry tree. It was already dead, struck by lightning a year ago, and near the ground rot had begun to take hold. It’s a good sized tree, as you may see from the unflattering pic. That’s me with a hatchet taking out the branches before I attack the truck with the axe. Had I known about the picture taking I would have grabbed a more manly, Ron Swanson approved, pose. But alas, it’s is just me with a hatchet, attacking a dead branch.

enter image description here
Why, you are probably wondering. I love working with cherry wood in my shop. Here are pictures of the crib I made my daughter. It is cherry, with black walnut accents and a purple heart heart in the center. Caution, humblebrag.

enter image description here enter image description here
enter image description here
So, what I am going to do with this trunk I felled on a sunny, holiday weekend? Well, if the wood is good I plan on popping out several door stops, much like these made out of apple wood, from another trunk I was given two years prior.
enter image description here
Want one? I’m not sure what to charge, but I’ll make a good deal. Maybe I should open a store on Etsy.


One thought on “May 27 – 2015

  1. That apple sure looks good. I’ve got my eye on a magnolia about 12 inches around that I am going to snag a few logs from. It’s still green – we gotta cut it before spring as it becomes off-limits when it is flowering.

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