March 12 – 2015

@mikehale was complaining the other night that all I have is links, with no information. Well, you could just click on a link, but as an experiment today I thought I would do a quick description of each link. So, for Mike, I’m revisiting some old links with a spattering of details to entice him to click through.

  • Supermetrics
    • Bring in all your metrics under one roof. Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, Youtube…etc
  • Awk in 20 Minutes
    • Awk is a tiny programming language and a command line tool. It’s particularly appropriate for log parsing on servers, mostly because Awk will operate on files, usually structured in lines of human-readable text.
  • Just how bad is rabies?
    • The monsters of our past; the creatures that play in our modern tales of Vampire, Werewolves, Zombie and such, all seem to stem from this acient disease.
  • Have an old tool that needs help
    • Follow this Instructable on removing rust from an old hand tool, in this case a Stanley #220 Block Plane

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