3am and Nugget is fussy. Non-stop crying fussy. The wife, being the trooper she is, has spent most of the night trying to settle her. At 3am it is my turn. I give the kid a bottle, burp, then setter her back down to sleep. We have a bed in the nursery so I just crawl into bed there, just in case she wakes up again.

3:30am and I fall back asleep.


The house is silent, then I hear another chirp. I know that chirp. Smoke detector. 3:45am, I begin hunt across house looking for smoke alarm that is chirping. Either bad battery or condensation from the humid, rainy evening interfering in the alpha-wave radiation detector.

  • For those of you who in enjoy a good bitcoin story.
  • They aren’t called Silencers, but rather Suppressors. Aside from that, this is a spooky story of what looks to be a private military force being created in the states.
  • If you know my, you know I like mechanical watches. That being said, this is just a bit nuts.
  • Here are some fun CSS transitions to play with.
  • Below I’m trying out a new Survey Tool but I can’t try it out on this site because sucks.
  • Emerging rumors need verification? If it’s on the Internet, it must be true!
  • In a past life I think I was a safe cracker. This would have made my job a lot easier.
  • This looks interesting. I checks to see if your accounts have been hacked. I signed up as a trial. We’ll see.
  • Dad of the year

Here is my survey. Take it!

…and finally… Rocks! I need rocks!


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