Free & Clear of Verizon Contract…so what’s the problem?


  • Free and clear of Verizon contracts…so what’s the problem? Well, a flip phone with basic service should be cheap. Really cheap. Why should I spend all that money a month for a service I don’t like to use. I don’t answer my phone, I don’t like texting people. I really don’t like it when people call me (well, most people). So I should have a phone that has my phone number I and everyone else have spent all these years memorizing in order to not call me, only to pay what amounts to an extortionist price per month. Yes, extortion. So the question is, dumb phone which costs a lot per month, or a smart phone that costs a bit more, but does a crap-load more than just take annoying phone calls.
  • Do you develop responsive sites? Device mode in Chrome
  • And how about some cool Dev tool tips
  • …and a personal mantra: Just Make Stuff 
  • The new javascript Alert
  • Javascript background particle systems because it is cool. (thanks to Mike for the broken link fix.)

And then there is a bad stuff.

So this may be somewhat juvenile, but I think it does play to a more basic need


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