Mad Men

So I have been thinking about the past season opening of Madmen on AMC. Oh how we once enjoyed the exploits of a by-gone era; the wanton anarchy of whiskey, gin, cigarettes and money. It was so decadent and wonderful. Now we sit in wonderment, not at the show but at ourselves on why we are wasting our time for characters we no longer care for. Not only have they learned nothing, they seem to be regressing to a more base self. Roger and his carnal needs and Don with his teenage angst. We don’t give a shit anymore; except for the women who take the rudder of the ship and guide it on. But even that is a hollow victory. Yes, the ladies are bright and capable, but the ship will still sink. It’s not their fault. Cosgrove and Pete will steal back control and in a drunken fury head for the light. The bright light that warns of the rocky shore.

Yes, we will finish the season, and the series, but under protest. They have let us down. The only saving grace? Don Draper is D.B Cooper.


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