Best April Fools. Ever.

My wife got the call from the doc in the morning. All tests clear and the little nugget is a girl. Due date: early October. My first. I’m 50 years old by the end of this month, and I’m going to have a princess.

It being April 1st I had no choice but to push the news out the world. Hello Mark Zuckerberg, please tell everyone I know we are expecting.
At about 930pm CST the word went out and was immediately met with excitement, then pause, then questioning. Now, we had prepped a few people ahead of time. Moms and dads, the odd friend here and there…but most did not know.

And it was beautiful. Those that know my Loki side were weary, while those in the know posted with glee.

This mornings post: April 2nd and Ann is still pregnant. Best April 1st. Ever.


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