Zen and the Art of Really Small Screws

BFG 866My normal place of zen is the wood shop in the garage, where shavings and sawdust tend to pile up under tools. Unfortunately this winter has driven me indoors, the cold just too mean to fight.

Taking my idea of hands-on zen indoors this winter I discovered my fascination with mechanical watches. On a lark I bought a mid-century Continental out of a cigar box for $5 at a gun show.   It didn’t run; heck, I could barely read the dial through the scratches, but with some time, effort and learning I was able to get it cleaned up, oiled and running. Not bad for the first go-around.

I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, either at work or at home, working on things that disappear when someone turns off the power. It isn’t something tangible they can hold in their fingers, feel the curves and see the machining (or hopefully the absence of). I’m not saying what I build it perfect; far from it. But it’s mine, and I can hold it, touch it and give it to you without wondering if there is available wi-fi.



If you would like to help fund the rebuilding of old, discarded mechanical watches, a couple of mBTC’s are always welcome 🙂


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