It was a Sharks vs. Jets moment

highres_10491631The Fox Valley Computing Professionals started seven years ago this April with three of us meeting in a small conference room in Batavia. From there we have setup presentations at restaurants, IIT campus in Wheaton, conference facilities and held an all day class at Fermi Lab. Membership is around 400 and monthly meetings have, at their peak, reached 65. For the normal, month to month presentations we have around 25. That’s 25 technology professionals, each ordering food and drink(s). Easily $500 a night without tips.

For the past several years we having been meeting every month in the upstairs meeting space of the Olde Towne Pub in Geneva; sometimes there is ten of us. Sometimes 30. Every month for two years, sans the summer months. The first year and a half we met on Tuesday nights. This worked great unless it was political season when some politician setup a buffet to feed their army and we were relegated to the basement meeting room where the word “cozy” is polite for “you best not have over ten people for your meeting.”

Earlier this year we moved to the second Wednesday night of the month, with the restaurant owners blessing, and all was fine. “Was” being the key word there.

Now we are being pushed to the basement because there is another group that wants our space and date. Some bike club has made it clear is their space. They even showed up at our last meeting to let us know. It was a Sharks vs. Jets moment.

We have been around for 7 years and we aren’t going away; but it looks like we aren’t staying either. We need to find a new space. Someplace with good food, drink, and easy to get to in the western suburbs. Any ideas?

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